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修饰可数:a(good/large/many/great)number of/numbers of;many(注:a great many=a number of) 修饰不可数:much;a (great) deal of(+ 名词)(a great deal后加形容词);a bit of(+名词)(a bit后加形容词);(an)(large)amount of/amounts of ...

你好,很高兴能够在这里回答你的问题,这道题的正确答案应该为: re are lots of [ interesting ] [ stories ] [ for ] [ reading ] in the book. ************************************************************************** ^__^真心祝你学...

药膏 有很多翻译 ointment 软膏, 膏, 油膏, 药膏 salve 药膏 unguent 软膏, 药膏 一般用ointment最多,最常用

Beauty Products ;Cosmetic 第一个最好。这个是没有缩写的,如果你要缩写,可以用BP,COS这样子,希望帮到了~

Hilda英音:['hildə]美音:['hɪldə] 词典解释 Hilda 名词 n. 1. 希尔达(女子名,涵义:战斗;女战士)

be laughted 是被动语态as作介词表示作为。。。

There are many ways to learn English, such as translating this sentence。 重点词汇 学习英语learn English 方法method; way; means; technique; measure 很多a great many; a great deal of; a large number of; plenty of 例如for instanc...

三种: six fifty-eight two minutes to seven fifty-eight past six

I have heard of your company many years ago, and I also knew that the company is very strong. 一般英文说很有实力,会提及是哪方面的实力,建议你可以考虑~ 譬如说: ...and I also knew that the company is very strong in finance indu...

many kinds of

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