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There are a variety of claims about the origin of the ice cream. ] on the west, the legend about the 4th century BC, Alexander the great expedition to Egypt, alpine snow preserved, fruit or fruit juice after the frozen food, th...

ice cream英 [aɪs kri:m]美 [aɪs krim] 第三人称复数:ice creams ice cream 基本解释 名词冰淇淋 ice cream 相关例句 名词 1. Mother knows how to make ice cream. 母亲会做冰淇淋。 2. The child ate three ice creams today. 那孩...

Ice cream or ice-cream (originally iced cream) is a frozen dessert usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, combined with fruits or other ingredients. Most varieties contain sugar, although some are made with o...

homemade icecream without a machine Krispy Kreme Ice Cream Recipe (KK冰淇林) Ingredients(材料) 2 cups heavy cream (2杯浓奶油) 1 (14 oz.) Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed Milk(1罐375毫升的鹰牌炼奶) 1 tsp vanilla ext...

Why didn't you buy some ice-cream

冰淇淋 [bīng qí lín] [词典] ice cream;


翻译结果: To an ice cream 冰淇淋 [食品] ice cream更多释义>> [网络短语] 冰淇淋 ice cream;ice-cream;Gelato 吃冰淇淋 Eat ice cream;have ice cream;have an ice cream 绿茶冰淇淋 Green Tea Ice Cream;Green Teamochi ice cream;Ice Cream...

ice-cream cone

I'd like some ice cream.

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