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翻译 1.在星期三我们上什么课?我们上语文和英语 2...

1 What classes do we have on Wednesday? We have Chinese and English. 2 What classes do you have on Monday? We have P.E., Science and English. 3 Do you usually have classes in the morning? Yes, I do. 4 Do you often listen to mus...

1.how many hours you work per day? and how many classes you have? 2.do you know the difference between in and on?

你好! 我们只在星期2学 We only learned in week 2

1.Betty, what lessons we have on Monday? 2.We Chinese classes at eight o 'clock, bad science class 5 to 9 o 'clock. 3.My favorite subject is Chinese. 4.And then I eat breakfast. 5.We start work at nine o 'clock. 6.I do my homew...

你好! 在周一我们有一节英语,两节数学和一节语文 We have an English on Monday, two section, Chinese and math

He has chianese mash and PE. on tuthday

what do you do on Wednesday? what do you usually do on Wednesday?

We have English lessons every Tuesday. Every Tuesday, we have English class.

现在是上科学课的时候,让我们到教室去。 翻译成英文是: It's time for science class. Let's go to the classroom.

把句子翻译成英语。 1、你在周末经常读书吗? Do you often read books on the weekend? 2、星期二我有体育课、音乐课和数学课。 I have P.E class, music class and maths class on Tuesday.

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