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对....进行分析用 analyse analyse 英[ˈænəlaɪz] 美[ˈænəˌlaɪz] vt. 分析; 分解; 细察; na. “analyze”的变体; [例句] McCarthy was asked to analyse the data from the first phase of trials of...

翻译如下: 详细分析 analyze STH. in detail 例句: 本部分中,我们将详细分析业务案例和问题。 In this section we will analyze the business case and problem in detail.

分析的动词: analyse 英 ['æn(ə)laɪz]美 ['æn(ə)laɪz] 英文解释: to examine or think about something carefully, in order to understand it 例句: You need to sit down and analyse why you feel so upset...

理论分析 [词典] [医] theoretical analysis; [例句]理论分析证明了该方案的正确性、匿名性和安全性。 The correctness, pseudonym and security of the new scheme are proved by theoryanalysis.

报表分析 statement analysis更多释义>> [网络短语] 报表分析 statement analysis;Accounting Report;Financial Statement Analysis 金融报表分析 Financial Portfolio Analysis 财务报表分析基础 Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis

(consider/look at/...it ) from the analysis results 可以表示"从分析的结果来看“的意思

基本面分析 的英文怎么说? Fundamental analysis

分析当前存在的问题的英文翻译_百度翻译 分析当前存在的问题 Analyze current problems 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译 analyze_百度翻译 analyze 英['ænəlaɪz] 美[ˈænəˌlaɪz] vt. 分析; 分解; 解释; 对…...

竞品分析(Conpetitive Product Analysis)缩写CPA

回归分析 [词典] [计] regression analysis; [例句]对电力系统的负荷预测问题进行了研究,并提出了一种改进后的模糊回归分析算法。 On power system load forecasting conducted a study and put forward an improved algorithm for fuzzy regre...

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