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service 服务,招待 名词 serve 服务 动词 前一个初二后半学期会学到,后一个是老师拓展的。


服务 英语: n. service vt. serve 双语例句: 为人民服务是我们的本分。 To serve the people is our duty. 我们可为您提供最周到的服务。 We can supply the best service for you. 你的服务年限使你有资格领取养老金。 Your years of service...

我们这里没有这个服务 We don't offer this kind of service here.

So that we can provide you with better services

1、hard service 2、Service Foremost 3、consideration service 4、heart services 5、sincerely service 6、 heartfelt service 7、sincere service 这些除了 ⑥ 其他都不通的。 这个挺好的,而且比较地道 >> 用心服务 :Heartfelt services 自...

1 Hello. Here is the front, is there any need to help you? 2, I immediately get someone to help you repair 3 I'm sorry my English is not very good, I immediately look for another administrator to help you.

serve for people serve学过吧 望采纳

用can i help you?吧, Food &Beverage Service 餐饮服务 1) What time would you like your table? 您什么时间需要这张餐桌呢? 2) A table for two? 你们是两个人吗? 3) For how many? 几个人? 4) Who’s the reservation for? 您为谁预订? ...


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