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service 服务,招待 名词 serve 服务 动词 前一个初二后半学期会学到,后一个是老师拓展的。


服务 英语: n. service vt. serve 双语例句: 为人民服务是我们的本分。 To serve the people is our duty. 我们可为您提供最周到的服务。 We can supply the best service for you. 你的服务年限使你有资格领取养老金。 Your years of service...

S--微笑待客 Smile fr every ne E—精通业务上的工作 Excellence in everything yu d R—对客户态度亲切友善 Reaching ut t every custmer with hspitality V—视每一位客户为特殊和重要的大人物 Viewing every custmer as special I. 邀请每一位客...

So that we can provide you with better services

service industeries

1 Hello. Here is the front, is there any need to help you? 2, I immediately get someone to help you repair 3 I'm sorry my English is not very good, I immediately look for another administrator to help you.


需求服务:demand for service;服务期限:length of service;主管:competent;经理:manager;市场部:marketing;供货商:supplies;配送员:delivery staff;需求金额:demand of the amount;配送时间:delivery time;备注:remarks

如果有任何服务需要提供请告知 英文 Should you have any service requirements to be provided, please let us know.

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