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非常好用英语是very good。 解释: very good 英[ˈveri ɡud] 美[ˈvɛri ɡʊd] adv. 很好; 大好; 非常好 [例句]She's not a very good influence on the youth of this country. 她对这个国家的青年一代没什么好影响。 The end...

You speak English very well. 之所以用'Speak English very well' focuses on your ability to do the speaking, your skill. 之所以用'Speak English very well'这里 用”well“注重你掌握说英语的技能非常好。 'Speak good English' focuses on...

Very good,或者pretty good.

very very good,典型的中国英语,我笑了。。。。支持good It's fine Very good

In addition to English, the other is very good

It's very nice of you

没有最好 只有更好,最早应该是青岛奥克玛冰柜的广告词 这个广告词来自一首小韵诗 请看 Good better best, Never let it rest. Till good is better, But better best. 那么没有最好,只有更好就是按照后两句一样翻译 Till good is better, But ...

you are wonderful。

He is very friendly to us

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