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He has chianese mash and PE. on tuthday

把句子翻译成英语。 1、你在周末经常读书吗? Do you often read books on the weekend? 2、星期二我有体育课、音乐课和数学课。 I have P.E class, music class and maths class on Tuesday.

我最喜欢的一天是星期二,我们上英语、音乐和美术 My favorite day is Tuesday, we have English, music and art

星期一 Monday 例句:Monday, I'm going to Grandma's.星期一我要去奶奶家。 星期二 Tuesday 例句:I want to have a day off in Tuesday我想星期二休息一天。 星期三 Wednesday 例句:Do you have time for Wednesday this week?这周星期三有时...

Monday 星期一Tuesday 星期二Wednesday 星期三Thursday星期四Friday 星期五Saturday 星期六Sunday 星期天 星期一~星期日的英文缩写 星期一 MON 星期二 TUE 星期三 WED 星期四 THU 星期五 FRI 星期六 SAT 星期天 SUN

His family is very poor but they are very happy. He returns home very late on tuesday nights because he tutors his classmates in mathemathics there is an old house in the town.


I have PE in mondays,I have science in tuesday,I have art in wednesday,I have English in thursday,I have music in friday,I often read books in sunday.

答His family is poor, but they are a very happy. Tuesday he came home late, he would help his students learn mathematics.

I will com and see you between Tuesday and Thursday.

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