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将下列句子翻译成英文 我怎么到达书店 在邮局出右...

1.How can I get to the bookstore? 2.Turn right at the post office. 3.Go straight then you will see the museum. 4.Excuse me, can you help me? 望采纳,谢谢


They are in front of the cinema.……

Pass the post office, then take a right at the crossroads, you can see the Bamboo Mansion on the left of Xinhua Bookstore.

顺着路直走路过书店右转,会看见一个邮局然后再左转就会到达餐馆,我大概是这样理解你说的话 Go down the street pass by Bookstore right, you will see a post office and then turn left will arrive at the restaurant

书店与邮局相邻 英文: Bookstore adjacent to the post office

Hospital is on your right. Bookstore is on your left. (前边)Post office is in front of you. / (直走)Go straight ahead and you will find the post office. the next building is museum. Passing the museum,you can see the cinema....

How are we going to the cinema? Now we are in front of the bookstore。 First we should walk straight。 Please turn left at the post office。 The museum shop next to the restaurant。

一、科学博物馆 science museum ['saɪəns] [mjuː'zɪəm] 1、短语 艺术科学博物馆 ArtScience Museum ; ArtScience 自然科学博物馆 Museum of Natural Science ; Houston Museum of Natural Science ; Natural Science M...

the bookstore is next to the postoffice,just go straight

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