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We had a Chinese class today.

How many Chinese lessons do you have a week?

我们每周上五节语文课 We have five classes a week 我们每周上五节语文课 We have five classes a week

1.We have language lessons Monday.2.They have English classes on Tuesday.3.I have math classes every day.4.Lily have computer classes on Thursday。5.They do not have classes on Saturdays and Sundays。6.We get up at 6:00 am。7.I...

我们在语文课上举行了派对 We held a party in the language class

我喜欢语文课因为语文课很有趣 翻译为:I like Chinese lessons because they are interesting. 【附】 lessons n. 教训; 课程; 功课( lesson的名词复数 ); 一堂课; [例句]Have you learned your lessons? 你的功课学会了吗? [其他] 原型: les...

I was so tired this morning that I fell asleep on the Chinese class.

On Thursday we have math, Chinese, art and PE.

There is a Chinese lesson this afternoon.

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