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求音乐:凝望我的双眼,你会看到,,, 这是那首英文歌...

Take Me To Another Town - Emma Bunton go to London I go to Hollywood There are too many people who would kill me if they could I go to Shanghai I go to Tokyo There are so many people that I'll never get to know Gotta take my bi...

你好 应该是Mika的《staring at the sun》吧 希望能够帮到你


歌曲名:Life Is Beautiful 演唱者:Sixx: A.M. 歌词是一样的,演唱者声音也一样,但视频中的版本好像比专辑版的慢一些,我再找一下版本。 歌词: You can't quit until you try You can't live until you die You can't learn to tell the trut...

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