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、人鬼情未了-Righteous Brothers Unchained melody 2、我心永恒-Celine Dion My heart will go on 3、爱你在心口难开-Leo Sayer I love you more than I can say 4、昨日重现-Carpenters Yesterday once more 5、说你说我-Lioned Richie Say yo...

L LOVE YOU Here L AmAim High

世界上十大经典英文歌曲 1.Yesterday Once More 歌手:The Carpenters 2.Right Here Waiting 歌手:Richard Marx 3.My Heart Will Go On 歌手:Celine Dion 4.Everything I Do(I Do It For You) 歌手:Bryan Adams 5.Nothing's Gonna Change My ...

1. Heal_the_world 来自迈克尔 应该听过吧呵呵 经典 2. Little_Distraction 很纯净的一首歌 静静聆听吧 3. anyone of us 旋律节奏都很棒 4. Burning 备受好评 我就不多说了 5. Cry on my Shoulder 群星合唱过 规模相当于中国群星的那首明天会更...

here with you true love your man see you again

乐桐《你给我的爱》 吴亦凡《时间煮雨》 鹿晗《勋章》 五月天《你不是真正的快乐》 谢霆锋《活着》 徐一鸣《爱一个人为什么那么难》 郭美美《梦想升级》 黄圣依、林峯《许诺》 海明威、泳儿《你的承诺》 林峯、泳儿《明天以后》 黄圣依《为你活...

不知道是不是最近的,但我觉得都很好听。Heartbeats—Amy Diamond(高潮特别棒,而且这个女生声音我觉得也很好听) We can work it out—Sweetbox(一听开头就喜欢了,很经典的小提琴) We are the world—迈克尔杰克逊(很平缓的音调,先开始听觉...

Promises don’t come easy Moon River Over the rianbow Nothing’s gonna change my love for you Because I love you I will always love you Scarbourgh fair Sound of Silence yestoday once more The one you love 这是世界前十名的英文歌曲

我心中的经典:Adele-rolling in the deep,Pink-Perfect,Apologize,It's my life,Sarah connor-living to love you,Beyonce-ROC。望稀饭!

everglow free loop best laid plans love me like you do be your love Let her go Oops We don't talk anymore Shape of my heart Wonderful u Bye bye bye-Lovestoned

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