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是一首英文歌 出现很多遍BABy lovEyou 旋律很轻快 ...

can t take my eyes off you

love you like a love song就是它!!http://music.baidu.com/song/7180910听听吧~~

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You 是这首吧

love you like a love song


是GD的 who you I want you I need you

就叫i love you,i need you,i want you城市猎人OST

I Stay In Love - Mariah Carey Baby I stay in love with you 亲爱的,我深深的陷入了对你的爱情之中 Dying inside cause I can't stand it 我所有的一切都为你而疯狂,因为我实在抵挡不住这种感觉 Make or break up 无论是承受还是挣扎 Can't ...

Hold It Against Me 歌手:Britney Spears Hey over there 嗨,那边的(你) Please forgive me 请你原谅 If i'm coming on too strong 我的莽撞 Hate to stare 讨厌盯着人看 …but you're winning 但是你确实迷人 And they're playing my favori...

Baby I Love You 歌手:Tiffany Alvord There are three words' that I've been dying to say to you Burns in my heart' like a fire that ain't goin' out There are three words' & I want you to know they are true... I need to let you k...

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