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Master's Degree. ˶ʿѧλ Ŀ˶ʿM. A. (Master's of Art) ˶ʿM. S. Master's of Science


Master's degree. Here is the defination from the Wikipedia: A master's degree (from Latin magister) is an academic degree awarded by universities upon completion of a course of study demonstrating a mastery or high-order overvi...

ǵġҪ 1.ְӢ﷭רҵ˶ʿֻѧλ֤ûѧ֤ 2.μȫоԣﵽоͳ߶ȫӢ﷭רҵ˶ʿ˫֤ѧλ֤бҵ֤

I graduated from XX department of XX Institute with masters degree in 2013. I graduated from XX department of XX Institute with bachelors degree in 2008.

B.S.Bachelor of Scienceѧʿ Master degree ˶ʿѧλ:·¼֣ һ:MA.Sc(master of scienceѧ˶ʿ). ڶ:MA.Eng(master of engineering.˶ʿ). .MBA.̹˶ʿ Doctor degree ʿѧλ (һָһּ:Ph...

Master DegreeMA ѧ˶ʿMSc ѧ˶ʿMed ѧ˶ʿLLM ѧ˶ʿMEng ˶ʿ

Every good wish on

ѧλ֪bachelor master bachelor in science/arts Ȼרҵmajor ھרҵʲô ѧרҵ Ʒķconcentrationһѧλ֤ϲconcentration ѧλרҵ

ǵġҪ 1.ְӢ﷭רҵ˶ʿֻѧλ֤ûѧ֤ 2.μȫоԣﵽоͳ߶ȫӢ﷭רҵ˶ʿ˫֤ѧλ֤бҵ֤

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