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terminal cancer;end-stage cancer; Advanced cancer 癌症晚期 有些处于癌症晚期的病人奇迹般地康复了。 Some patients in the terminal stage of cancer recover miraculously.

翻译结果 在后期阶段英文怎么写 In the later stage how to write in English

后期 [词典] later stage; later period; anaphase (细胞分裂的); anaphasis 1、Biomass is mainly affected by density during earlier stage and by the individual biomass during later stage. 种群生物量前期主要受密度影响,后期主要受...

英语是:post production。 解释: post production [词典] 影视后期; [例句]For those who don't know what this cake means, fix this in post production. 对于那些不知道蛋糕含义的人,咦,在影视后期中把这段修复了。 In today's society, ...

这几个句子都可以 you have terminal cancer. you have gotten cancer terminally. you have gotten seriouly cancer. you have already gotten advanced cancer. you have been in the terminal/advanced stage of cancer.

一般来说有later period/stage,但中世纪后期可以翻译成Later medieval period,像图像的后期处理就是photoshop(ps);有丝分裂的一个时期后期又是anaphase。。。不同语境中不同的翻译

Early cancer 早期癌症 Intermediate stage cancer 中期癌症

后期制作 Post production 缩写: PP

后期处理: Post processing. After-treatment.

在生长后期 [词典] at later stages; [例句]在生长后期嫁接茄的根系分泌物对种子萌发的促进作用小于前中期,而自根茄抑制作用增强。 Own-rooted eggplant had an intensified inhibitory effect at its late growth stage.

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