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terminal cancer;end-stage cancer; Advanced cancer 癌症晚期 有些处于癌症晚期的病人奇迹般地康复了。 Some patients in the terminal stage of cancer recover miraculously.

Early cancer 早期癌症 Intermediate stage cancer 中期癌症

earlier stage 前期metakinesis 中期later stage 后期

这几个句子都可以 you have terminal cancer. you have gotten cancer terminally. you have gotten seriouly cancer. you have already gotten advanced cancer. you have been in the terminal/advanced stage of cancer.

在十七世纪五十年代晚期 In late 1650s 在十七世纪五十年代晚期 In late 1650s 在十七世纪五十年代晚期 In late 1650s

LOH at APC/MCC locus plays an important role at the early stage of carcinogenesis and progress, while LOH at DCC locus occurs at a later stage and may be correlated with prognosis of patiets. APC/MCC基因LOH在胃癌的早期发生及发...

癌症 cancer

英文是cancer 简写是CA 如何正确治疗各种癌症 1、肺癌: 肺癌分为中央型肺癌和周围型肺癌,肺癌早期诊断较困难,一般一经发现已属中晚期。失去了手术根治机会,且容易发生多发转移,即使勉强手术也多为探查术和股息手术,特别是高龄、身体虚弱,...

My nasty cancer has spread to my bones and the doctor called it late-stage cancer. or My pitiful cancer has spread to the bones, which the doctor indicated it was late stage.

英文原文: Pizza was introduced to Canada in late 1950s. 英式音标: [ˈpiːtsə; ˈpɪtsə] [wɒz] [ɪntrədˈjuːst] [tə; before a vowel; tʊ; stressed; tuː] [ˈk&#...

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