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I have Chinese classes on Monday

翻译如下:星期一我有英文课,数学课和语文课。 I have to attend English, math and Chinese classes on monday.

Monday星期一 Tuesday星期二 Wednesday星期三 Thursday星期四 Friday星期五 Saturday星期六 Sunday星期天 I have Chinese lessons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


1.We have language lessons Monday.2.They have English classes on Tuesday.3.I have math classes every day.4.Lily have computer classes on Thursday。5.They do not have classes on Saturdays and Sundays。6.We get up at 6:00 am。7.I...

1 What classes do we have on Wednesday? We have Chinese and English. 2 What classes do you have on Monday? We have P.E., Science and English. 3 Do you usually have classes in the morning? Yes, I do. 4 Do you often listen to mus...

I most like Monday courses are English and math science of Chinese sports and music I most like subject is English and music because in English class can play the music very

您好,是Monday's course has Chinese, math, art,希望采纳

We have English class on Monday in Chinese and math

翻译为: 星期六有一节英语课,一节语文课,一节数学课。 There is an English class, a Chinese class, a math class on Saturday.

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