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一首英文歌,经常用作舞曲,里面高潮是'givE mE on...

worth it 我之前也以为是Give me your perfect. 昨天看湖南台跨年演唱会江映蓉唱这首歌才知道是give it to me I'm worth it

worth it 歌词是give it to me I'm worth it

《worth it》-fifth Harmony。肯定是这个。

是这首 Charli XCX - Boom Clap 望采纳,谢谢。

不知道是不是你听错了,如果是so call me maybe,而不是so come on baby的话,就应该是Carly Rae Jepsen的《Call Me Maybe》,很有节奏感的一首英文歌! 如果帮到了您,还望采纳!


Now Or Never-Jodie Connor I wanna be with you forever (ever, ever) Baby me and you together (gether, gether) I'll walk with you through stormy weather (weather, weather) Me and you it's now or never (never, never) You know I've...


Drenched 词曲:曲婉婷 演唱:曲婉婷 When minutes become hours When days become years And I don't know where you are Color seems so dull without you Have we lost our minds? What have we done? But it all doesn't seem to matter any...

Cry On My Shoulder I know it's hard sometimes And things seem larger than they are But if you need to tell someone That's what I'm here for. Cry on my shoulder I'll help you rise above Cry on my shoulder, my love And in the wor...

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