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一、 I'm just worried about losing or making mistakes in the mail. Will these certificates be returned to me? 二、 I just worry about lost in the mail or error. Certificate will be returned to me?

让我点燃你的激情—英文翻译 Let me light up your passion。 让我点燃你— Let me light you。

早些时候 Earlier 我来详细说说我早些时候讲过的话。 Let me amplify my earlier remarks. 2 早些时候 earlier on 3 先前地在早些时候 At an earlier time. 4 那天早些时候迫使敌人放弃给我军的阵地现在需要布置起来,对付那必然的反攻。 Positi...

翻译成英文是:I'm an assistant. I'd like to ask if the guest's trademark will be mailed to me,下图是翻译软件翻译截图

当然可以啊 你可以参照有道网页翻译或雅虎宝贝鱼 实现原理就是先建立一个参照库,然后根据输入去参照库里面找出对应的语言翻译 然后按照一定的格式转换过来即可,但你要想翻译的很准就非常难了,目前的翻译结果都是大致对应,然后在修改

重译版本: I haven't received your email. Could you please resend it to me? Regarding the make-up examination, is it possible for it to be scheduled on Monday? Because students can only reselect courses within the first four we...

你最近有新的订单吗?如果有,我想把维修配件一起寄给你,这样我可以节省一些运费 Have you got a new order recently? If yes, I want to send you the maintenance accessories together so that I can save some freight.

参考 I am a Chinese customer, want to buy your company's products, excuse me, your company have any agent or office in China?If you want to buy your products I should how to operate, thank you.

翻译: Finally, please tell me your detailed post address.

everyone here is rubbish,not just you ————用心为你答题,满意请采纳。

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