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英语翻译 我们将在三月二十号即星期四晚上举办一场...

你好! 我们将在三月二十号即星期四晚上举办一场晚会 We'll have a party on the evening of March 20th

口语最简单的说法是: 1)... at 8 in the evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 2)... at 8 pm every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 这两种说法都可以。 **当“星期几” 是用复数 -s 的形式写出来时,就是表达“每一个”。

星期四晚上我得为化学考试而学习 翻译是: I have to study for the chemistry test on Thursday night

The time of the meeting is set in Chinese time at 10 a.m on Thursday(American time Wednesday evening). 中国时间周四早上10点,应该是美国时间的周三晚上。请重新核实。

where were you last thursday night?

1. Who were you with last Thursday evening? 2. Who did you live with last night? 3. Who were you with on the 12th of last month? 4. I was with my parents last Thursday evening. 5. I was with my friends on the 12th of last month...

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