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造句: We selected him as our monitor. 我们选他作我们的班长。 Love me as I do (love) you. 像我爱你那样的爱我。 It was intended as a joke. 这本是当作一个笑话的。 I regarded her as my own sister. 我把她看作自己的妹妹。 He will fo...

I am as tall as you.


She is not as beatiful as me她没有我漂亮 Her hair is not as long as mine 她的头发没有我的头发长 其实这个造句很简单, 1.。。注意前后的对应,比如第一句,是我和她比,用she 和 me 第二句是我的头发和她的头发比,所以用her hair 和 mine...

as做连词,固定搭配as……as,意思是“和……一样” eg.My sister is as tall as me.我姐姐和我一样高。 as做连词,引导时间状语从句,意思是“当……的时候” eg.My mother was cooking fish as I arrived home.当我到家的时候,我妈妈正在做鱼。 as做连...

1. He plays the guitar as well as you. 他的吉他弹得和你一样好。 2. She can play tennis as well as basketball. 她也会打篮球,也会打网球。 3. A teacher should entertain as well as teach. 教师不仅要教书,也要引起学生兴趣。

This book is not as interesting as that one. 这本书没有那本那么有趣. The journey was not as nice as we had expected.旅途不象我们预想的那样好. It is not as (so) popular as other foods. 它不像其他食物那样受欢迎. It's not as cold ...

I am as tall as him.

as soon as造句: As soon as we found this out, we closed the ward 我们一发现此事就关闭了病房。 As soon as I had made the final decision, I felt a lot more relaxed 我一作出最后的决定就感到轻松多了。 He got married as soon as he ...

We eat as we walk. I do my homework as I eat a cake. 我们一边吃一边走。 我一边做作业一边吃一个蛋糕。

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