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下面是more and more的用法: 汉语中表示两个过程按比例同时增加时,用“越……越……”结构。英语中用“the +比较级,the+比较级”结构。这种结构通常从句在前,主句在后,即:第一个the+比较级为状语从句,第二个the+比较级为主句。句型中的连个“the”...

翻译如下 becoming more and more 造句五句 The city is becoming more and more prosperous. 这个城市越来越繁盛了。 My grandmother was becoming more and more sad and frail as the years went by. 随着时间的流逝,我的祖母变得日益伤感和...

More and more foreign friends come to visit china. 来华参观访问的外国朋友日益增多。

i need more and more money

more 英[mɔ:(r)] 美[mɔr, mor] adv. 更,更多; 达到或处于更大的范围或程度; 此外,更加; adj. 更多的; (many) 的比较级; 附加的,额外的; pron. 更多的或附加的人或事物; [例句]More and more people are surviving heart attacks 越...

Shopping in the internet is becoming more and more popular

She becomes more and more beautiful . .

I don't like pubs. They're noisy, smelly, and what's more, expensive.

That would be more than I have expected. 那已经比我期望的还要多了。 Both of us have probably programmed in more than those number of languages, at least programmed that many, since we taught in those languages. 我们俩大概都用过...

1,sb/sth is more A than B表示“与其说sb/sth是B,不如说是A” eg:He is more an artist than a philosopher. 与其说他是位哲学家,不如说他是位艺术家。 sb/sth is more A than B表示“与其说sb/sth是B,不如说是A” eg:He is not more an artist ...

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