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If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys Some people live for the fortune 一些人为财富而活 Some people live just for the fame 一些人只是为名誉而活 Some people live for the power yeah 一些人为权力而活耶~~~ Some people live just to pl...

Animals - maroon5

Animals 演唱:Maroon 5 Baby I'm preying on you tonight Hunt you down eat you alive Just like animals Animals Like animals Maybe you think that you can hide I can smell your scent for miles Just like animals Animals Like animals...


应该是这个Faded You were the shadow to my light 你是我生命光亮中的一道暗影 Did you feel us 你能感受彼此的存在吗? Another start 下一个开始 You fade away 你的身影渐渐模糊 Afraid our aim is out of sight 害怕我们的目标逝于视野之外...

The Way the World Works(liv... 播放 歌手:Pixie Lott 语言:英语 所属专辑:iTunes Festival: London 2010 发行时间:2010-07-28

嗯……嗯……嗯嗯,不知道。 wake up when steptember ends

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