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If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys Some people live for the fortune 一些人为财富而活 Some people live just for the fame 一些人只是为名誉而活 Some people live for the power yeah 一些人为权力而活耶~~~ Some people live just to pl...

Animals - maroon5


Animals 演唱:Maroon 5 Baby I'm preying on you tonight Hunt you down eat you alive Just like animals Animals Like animals Maybe you think that you can hide I can smell your scent for miles Just like animals Animals Like animals...

听听是这三首么,如果知道在哪听的或者有其中一句就最好了~ all the way around all night long all the things she said

The Way the World Works(liv... 播放 歌手:Pixie Lott 语言:英语 所属专辑:iTunes Festival: London 2010 发行时间:2010-07-28

嗯……嗯……嗯嗯,不知道。 wake up when steptember ends

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