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原来遇见你,一切都在变好 英语怎么翻译

原来遇见你,一切都在变好 I met you, everything is changing.

meet you 如 Li Please to meet you. 遇见你,我挺高兴。 2. I enjoy the privilege of meeting you. 我很荣幸遇见你。 3. I am very glad to meet you. 我很高兴遇见你。 4. I enjoyed meeting you. 我很高兴遇见你。 5. That I met you was th...

I can help you through this period of timeWhen I met you everything into clouds.

Nice to meet you.

You will find a better you in the future.(直译) You will find that you are becoming better as time goes by。(偏意译)

it's the most beautiful moment for me to meet you.

Everything will be okay, and you'll meet the better one.

Meeting you was the most beautiful accident, also is the most happiness thing

'the most beautiful scene in my life, just to meet you' 希望对你有帮助 噼里啪啦 望采纳

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . 遇见你英语怎么翻译 meet you

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