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原来遇见你,一切都在变好 英语怎么翻译

原来遇见你,一切都在变好 I met you, everything is changing.

meet you 如 Li Please to meet you. 遇见你,我挺高兴。 2. I enjoy the privilege of meeting you. 我很荣幸遇见你。 3. I am very glad to meet you. 我很高兴遇见你。 4. I enjoyed meeting you. 我很高兴遇见你。 5. That I met you was th...

it's the most beautiful moment for me to meet you.

I can help you through this period of timeWhen I met you everything into clouds.

Everything will be okay, and you'll meet the better one.

You will find a better you in the future.(直译) You will find that you are becoming better as time goes by。(偏意译)

I count myself fortunate in meeting you.

'the most beautiful scene in my life, just to meet you' 希望对你有帮助 噼里啪啦 望采纳

你是我今生最好的相遇,英语是:You are the best encounter of my life. 重点词汇解释: best 英[best] 美[bɛst] adj. 最好的( good和well的最高级); 最愉快的; 最幸福的; 最合适的; adv. 最好地; 最出色地; 最高标准地; n. 佼佼者; (个...

be the best,to meet better you

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