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This paper in view of the demand dependent on inventory management, which is a topic to discuss, due to various different kinds of goods inventory is difficult to management, and inventory multitemporal will occupy a large amou...

入会时间_有道翻译 翻译结果: Initiation time time_有道词典 time 英 [taɪm] 美 [taɪm] n. 时间;时代;次数;节拍;倍数 adj. 定时的;定期的;分期的 vt. 计时;测定…的时间;安排…的速度 n. (Time)人名;(俄)季梅;(英)泰姆;(罗...

无线传感网“物联网”是继计算机发展至今的又一次科技浪潮。它实现了物物相连,相互通信,智能化管理各种物品的生活模式。 The "Internet of things (IOT)", a wireless sensor network, is another technological wave since the development of ...



Frederick law olmsted, who helped design principle, thus garden should close nature into the nature, and finally reach the human and the nature harmonious coexistence. Also know some design elements, for example in works not on...

好可惜呀因为我们每个人都来自不同的国家所以讲的语言都不同 Good a pity it is, because we all come from different countries, so to speak a different language.

googler翻译已经翻译的很不错的了 其他都好不了多少 语言这东西本来是翻译不了 只能意会 比如head, 在医学称头部,组织称头儿,在工会称主席,在军队称司令 在政治称首脑,在电子器件称磁头, 所以翻译还是多靠人脑. 有猎豹浏览器的翻译

Please take bus 8 get off at Guang Ming Lu stop,then go along the street after cross the road.

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