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feed 英[fi:d] 美[fid] vt. 喂养;满足(欲望等);向…提供;供…作食物 vi. 吃,以…为食;流入,注入,进入(如油流入机器);[电子学]馈入 n. 饲料(尤指粗饲料),施肥;喂送;草料;(尤指向地方性电视台)馈送... feed me 例句与用法 1、They tried ...

you feed me的中文翻译 you feed me 你给我的 双语例句 1 What did you feed me? Sleeping pills? 你给我吃了什么?安眠药? 2 I will never come to you when you call me, and never let you feed me any more. 当你叫唤我的时候,我就永不到...

爱我,养我,永远不能抛弃我. 加菲猫的名言

feed me more 给我更多

holy comments feed me 值得推崇的评论反馈给我 双语对照 例句: 1. They will have an opportunity along with others to feed comments back to the commission in a "market test" of the settlement. 他们还有机会在对和解方案所做的“市场测...


Cause you feed me fables from yourhand 因为你从你手中喂我的寓言

歌曲名:Feed Me 歌手:Tricky 专辑:Maxinquaye CryoShell - Feed Ride my fingers Love that lingers Lick my lips and Smash the sinners Fills my palm and Filled with charm I Eat with harm and Overwrite the healing How can I wash the d...

你好。。 句意为:我想在吃点。。或者让我多吃点。 FEED:vi. 吃东西;流入 example: We feed our dogs on fresh meat 我们用新鲜的肉喂我们的狗。 望采纳

1、Darling you feed me in the concentration camp when I was hungry. 亲爱的, 当我在集中营里非常饥饿时, 是你给我送来了吃的。 2、Darling,you see, ...

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