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mother's boy 娇生惯养的男孩 [例句] He was always so much his mother 's boy , and he all but raised his sister.他一直是他母亲的儿子,而且他几乎带大了他的妹妹。 My brother - in - law is just a pansy because he is a mother's boy. ...

moms with boys 词典结果 moms with boys 男孩妈妈

顺手采纳答案 mom with a boy的意思是 和一个小男孩在一起的妈妈

mom〈口〉妈妈 mother 〈正式〉母亲,妈妈 女修道院长,嬷嬷 对年过中年的女性表示尊敬的称呼

你好 应该有所分隔“mom's boy forever” 解释为 永远是妈妈的儿子。 谢谢


I'm a motherfucking Star boy 我是一个讨厌的明星的男孩

Dick was a small boy,and he didn't like water.When his mother asked him_to wash___his hands.He didn'treally wash them__carefully__.He only put his hands in the water for a __few_ seconds and put _them__out again. Dick's uncle a...



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