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opErAting timE是什么意思

operating time 英[ˈɔpəˌreɪtɪŋ taim] 美[ˈɑpəˌretɪŋ taɪm] [词典] 操作时间,作业时间,算题时间; [网络] 运行时间; 工作时间; 操作时间; [例句]The operating time of clea...

operating time in discharge at the max rate of 1 hour 2.2a 意思是: 在放电操作时间的最高速率是1小时2.2安培

SOP=Standard Operating Procedure 标准操作程序 Time of SOP 标准操作程序所需时间 按照标准操作程序,操作完整个流程所需要的时间。

I'm kind of worrying the convenience, the operating time and the interval time of bus.

link.setSidetime(sideDate); link.setMatchkeys(data[5]); link.setIsgood(data[6].equals("ok") ? 1 : 0); link.setOperatingtime(new Date()); li...

2.2 embedded real-time operating system operation management To realize the flexible complete scheduling mechanism, improve system performance, it is...

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