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opErAting timE是什么意思

operating time 英[ˈɔpəˌreɪtɪŋ taim] 美[ˈɑpəˌretɪŋ taɪm] [词典] 操作时间,作业时间,算题时间; [网络] 运行时间; 工作时间; 操作时间; [例句]The operating time of clea...

operating time in discharge at the max rate of 1 hour 2.2a 意思是: 在放电操作时间的最高速率是1小时2.2安培

意思是: 在放电操作时间的最高速率是1小时2.2安培。 重点词汇和词组解析: typical adj. 典型的; 特有的或特别的; 代表性的; [例句]Cheney is everyone's image of a typical cop: a big white guy, six foot, 220 pounds. 切尼是每个人心目中典...

SOP=Standard Operating Procedure 标准操作程序 Time of SOP 标准操作程序所需时间 按照标准操作程序,操作完整个流程所需要的时间。

I'm kind of worrying the convenience, the operating time and the interval time of bus.

The local time is extracted from the operating system.The time zone is a setting in each person's user master record. 查看原帖>>

As in industrial control has been widely used UC / OS-II real-time embedded operating system, its stability and the real-time no doubt has ...

2.2 embedded real-time operating system operation management To realize the flexible complete scheduling mechanism, improve system performance, it is...

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