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was not 和were not就可以了。

前言以 w a s 开 头 的 问 句 否 定 形 式 的 答 句 是 ?

有关 was,were 的例句: 肯定句: He was the tallest boy in the class. There were a lot of flowers in the garden last week. 否定句: I was in Beijing yesterday. We were at home an hour ago. 一般疑问句: Was she your teacher? Yes...

He was not born in Shanghai.

Yes, it was. No, it wasn't.

was的肯定回答:Yes,he was.was的否定回答:No,he wasn’t. were的肯定回答:Yes,they were.were的否定回答:No,they weren’t.

There was no chocolate on the table. 因为是倒装句! 主语是巧克力。 正过来就是 No chocolate was there, on the table.

Was your mother at home ? Yes, she was.. No. she wan't. She was at home. Shen wasn't at home. 保证正确率,望采纳 如有疑问,请追问

部分否定(不完全否定)的几种方法 一、all的否定形式:not all……(all ……not)并非都……(不是所有的都) not all men can be masters.= all men cannot be masters.并非人人都能当头头. not all bamboo grows tall.并非所有竹子都会长得很高 二...

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